Use News Extractor


The News Extractor feature in Radio Workflow is designed to automate the process of extracting news content from specific websites and transforming it into a format suitable for a news story to be used in an Auto News Compiler. It is used when the website does not have an RSS feed. If it does have an RSS feed, it is best to use that by adding it in Feed Manager.

Setting Up a New Schedule

To start using the News Extractor, you need to set up a schedule for automatic news extraction.

  1. Open the News Extractor Tool: - You will find the News Extractor tool under the Online and Social Media submenu in the main left menu bar.

  2. Create a New Schedule:

  • Click on the "Add Schedule" button.

  • Fill in the required fields:

  • Description: Enter a brief description of the news source or the purpose of the schedule.

  • Web URL: Provide the complete URL of the website you want to extract news from.

  • Schedule: Choose how often you want the job to run (e.g., daily, weekly) and select the appropriate time.

  1. Set the Extraction Prompt: - In the Prompt section, describe specific instructions or parameters that the AI should consider when extracting and formatting the news content. This might include factual reporting guidelines, word limits, or particular areas of the website to focus on. It will be important to tweak this as stories are created so the AI knows what to do, and you can also give it specific instructions on what not to do.

  2. Save the Schedule: - Click the "Create" button to save your schedule.

Managing Your Schedules

Once you have set up your schedules, you can manage them through the News Extractor option under Online and Social Media in the main left menu bar.

  1. View Existing Schedules: - All your schedules are listed under the News Extractor screen. You can see a brief description, the target URL, and the scheduling details.

  2. Edit or Delete Schedules: - To modify a schedule, click on "Edit Schedule" to change the description, URL, or timing. - To remove a schedule, select the schedule and click on "Delete".

  3. Run Jobs Manually: - If you need to run an extraction job outside the scheduled times, you can do so by clicking "Run Job". This allows for immediate news extraction and processing.

Configuring News Extractor Settings

Adjust the settings of the News Extractor to optimize performance and output:

  1. Open Settings: - Click on "Edit Settings" from the News Extractor screen to open the configuration window.

  2. Set Tags and Voice:

  • Tags: Assign tags to your extraction jobs. These tags help categorize and retrieve extracted news for specific compilations in an Auto News Compiler.

  • Voice: Select the voice in which the news will be formatted, ensuring it aligns with your brand or the specific presentation style desired.

  1. Save Changes: - After making the necessary adjustments, click "Save" to apply the settings.

Best Practices

  • Regularly Update URLs: Web pages often change. Regularly check and update the URLs in your schedules to ensure continuous and accurate news extraction.

  • Clear and Concise Prompts: Define clear and specific prompts for the AI to follow. This will enhance the relevance and quality of extracted news.

  • Use Meaningful Tags: Apply meaningful tags to each schedule to facilitate easy organization and retrieval of news content for different segments or shows.

By following these steps and recommendations, you can effectively utilize the News Extractor feature to help automate the creation and broadcast of news content in your radio operations.