Fix Pink Lines In Media Query

Within Media Query, users are given a simple and organized tool to visualize what contracts are up and coming for the future, as well as any errors that exist in relation to the contract and project (traffic order).

When you navigate to Media Query, you will have report parameters that can be customized on the left side of the window. Once you are satisfied with the search parameters (date range, stations, etc), press the “Run Report” button located above the parameter container.

What you will be looking for: when your report populates, lines that are OK and ready to go will have a white background. Lines that have an error will have a pink background. What do we do with those pink lines?

Here is a checklist to help narrow down any potential errors:

  • Be sure that a rotation has been created for the respective contract.

  • Be sure that the rotation has line items within to schedule based on the needs of the contract

  • Double-check that the audio lengths of the contract are reflected within the traffic order. A contract calling for a :30 ad will not be satisfied with a traffic order assigning a :60 ad.

  • If the contract has various lengths, multiple line orders can be created within the traffic order to reflect each required length.

  • Once these settings are correct, run the report again to see if the error has been resolved

These steps should help resolve issues within Media Query, thus preventing future errors within Log Editor. 

If you or your team have any other questions or concerns, please contact Radio Workflow Support!