Automatically Assign Cart Id's

Setting Up Auto-Assign in Radio Workflow

This guide provides a detailed, step-by-step walkthrough on setting up the auto-assign feature in Radio Workflow. The auto-assign feature enables users to automatically assign cart numbers (or cart IDs) to traffic orders, simplifying the process of tracking audio files associated with ads.

Accessing Global Settings

  1. Click the settings wrench in the main left menu bar
  2. Click the global settings wrench

Configuring Auto-Assign Cart Range

  1. Locate the "Auto Assign Cart Range" option
  2. Enter the range of cart numbers you want the system to use for the auto-assigner (ensure this range is available in your production system)
  3. If you reach the end of your range and need to assign new cart numbers, update the range to a new set of numbers available in your production system
  4. Save your changes

After completing these steps, the auto-assigner will use the updated range to assign cart numbers to new ads.

Using the Auto-Assign Feature

To use the auto-assign feature in your traffic order, follow the below steps:

Creating a New Ad

  1. Open the traffic order you want to add a spot to and create the parameters for the new ad

Assigning a Cart Number

  1. Click the "auto assign" button to automatically assign a cart number to the new ad
  2. Alternatively, you can manually assign cart numbers to your ads by entering the desired number in the cart number field instead of using the auto-assigner