Enter Non-spot Revenue

Creating a Non-Spot Billing Item in Radio Workflow

Radio Workflow enables users to easily and efficiently manage the billing process for production, talent fees, interviews, and remotes. This document provides step-by-step instructions on how to create a non-spot billing item within Radio Workflow's Contract module.


1. Access the Contract module

  • Click the "Add Contract" button on the Contract list page.

2. Create the contract

  • Provide the necessary information, such as the advertiser, description, and revenue type.

3. Open the Non-Spot tab

  • On the contract page, click on the "Non-Spot" tab.

4. Add a non-spot billing item

  • Click the "Add an Item" button to open the non-spot billing item creation page.

5. Fill in the required details

  • Provide information for the following fields:
    • Description: A brief description of the non-spot billing item
    • Quantity: The number of items or units involved
    • Rate: The rate to be billed for each item or unit
    • Structure: Choose a billing structure, either Per Item or Fixed
    • Revenue Type: Appropriate revenue type (e.g. production, talent fees, interviews)
    • Revenue Source: Correct revenue source depending on the client
    • Billing Cycle: Billing cycle for this item (e.g. monthly, quarterly, annually)

6. Create the non-spot billing item

  • Click the "Create" button to finalize adding the non-spot billing item to the contract.

7. Review the created item

  • Ensure all details are accurate and complete and preview it before sending.


By following this procedure, users can quickly and easily create non-spot billing items using the Contract module in Radio Workflow. This functionality ensures that all audio projects and talent fees are billed appropriately and efficiently. Users can now create contracts for non-spot billing with ease and confidence.