Understanding Work Queues

How to Use Work Queues in Radio Workflow

Work queues in Radio Workflow are essential for organizing and tracking the progress of production orders, or projects. They represent different departments within the organization and can be customized to suit the organization's needs. This detailed guide will walk you through step-by-step on how to use work queues in Radio Workflow.

Setting up Work Queues

  1. Customize Work Queues: Work queues can be customized to reflect the structure and operations of your organization. Add or edit existing work queues to fit your organization's departments, such as creative, traffic, production, and dubbing.

  2. Organize the Dashboard: The order in which work queues appear on the dashboard can be changed by moving them up or down in the settings panel. This helps prioritize departments based on the organization's workflow.

Understanding Project Statuses

  1. Department Status: The department status refers to which work queue the project is currently in. It indicates the department responsible for the project at the given stage.

  2. Spot Status: The spot status refers to the progress of each individual spot within a project. It shows the current stage of the spot, such as "Script Attached" or "Audio Attached."

Navigating the Dashboard

  1. Assigned Projects: Click on the "Assigned to You" tab to view projects that are assigned to you.

  2. Active Projects: Click on the "Active Projects" tab to view projects that you have created and are currently in progress.

  3. Draft Projects: Click on the "Draft Projects" tab to view projects that you have not yet submitted to production.

  4. View Work Queues: Click on a work queue to view all of the projects in that particular department.

Managing Projects in Work Queues

  1. Assign Default Talent and Producers: Within a work queue, you can assign default talent and producers to projects.

  2. Assign Writers (Creative Work Queue): In the creative work queue, you can also assign writers to projects.

  3. View Project Breakdown: Hover over a project to see a breakdown of the spots contained within that project. This provides a quick overview of the content and scope of a project.

Working on Projects in Radio Workflow

  1. Access the Project Page: Click on a project to open the project page, which serves as a central hub for managing and working on projects.

  2. Assign Team Members: Use the project page to assign roles to team members.

  3. Leave Comments: Use the comments section to provide feedback, ask questions, or clarify any details.

  4. Update Spot Status: Update the spot status as it moves through different stages of the production process.

  5. View Project Details: The project page provides a detailed view of all tasks, assets, and notes associated with a project.

By following this guide and utilizing the features of Radio Workflow and work queues, you can efficiently manage projects within your organization, streamlining the production process and ensuring that projects are completed on time and to the highest standards.