How to run an Aging Report

In Radio Workflow, to run an Aging Report, you can use our Balances report builder. Here is a video that guides you through this process. Included below the video, is an additional step by step guide.

  1. Click on the Billing and Receivables in the main left menu (the credit card icon).

  2. Then click on Balances

  3. Choose your Filters:

    a) First box you use under Balances is Accounts – You may type an account that you would like to look or if you want to see a full report leave it under all accounts.

    b) Next box is As Of – Date should be as of today to see the most updated information.

    c) Next box is Station – keep it under combined if you want a full report or separate by station if you would like to

    d) Next Box – you may pick what you want or just select all.

    c) Next Box – you may pick what you want or just select all.

    d) Next Box - Format – Click on Advertiser summary grouped by rep – There are other options including a more detailed report you may click on, but Advertiser Summary Grouped by Rep should be your to go to report.

  4. Now click on Run Report and voila! You will see your Balances (Aging Report).