Getting Started for Sales People

Getting Started for Sales People

It is recommended you watch the provided video, it goes it detail on each of these steps.

Adding a New Account

  1. Check if the account already exists by going to Account Lookup and typing in the account name.
  2. If the account does not exist, click on the plus sign at the top of the screen.
  3. Select Account to open the new account form.
  4. Type in the account name and select a result from Google, if available, to autofill information.
  5. Choose an account type, such as "Gold" (Depending on your setup).
  6. Fill in additional information such as agency, commission rate, primary contact, and location details.
  7. Add billing settings and tags, if necessary.
  8. Click Create to create the new account.

Adding a Contract

  1. Click the plus sign and select New Contract.
  2. Type in the account name and auto-generate a contract number.
  3. Enter a description for the contract, such as "April Campaign."
  4. Select a product, revenue type, and enter a PO or estimate number, if applicable.
  5. Set up traffic settings, associations, discounts, and invoice notes.
  6. Click Create to create the contract and be redirected to the contract page.

Reviewing and Sending the Contract

  1. Click Preview on the contract page and choose the "Weekly Summary" option once you have entered your clients schedule.
  2. Review the contract details, including billing and contract terms and conditions.
  3. Send the contract to the client or mark it as signed, and upload a copy of the signed contract to the Files section of the contract page.

Adding Copy Rotation and Production Order

  1. On the contract page, click Add Rotation.
  2. Enter a description for the rotation, such as "April Campaign for the Production Order."
  3. Choose what department you would like the Production Order to be sent to.
  4. Assign the copy rotation to the packages in the contract.
  5. Open the project to edit the traffic order.
  6. Click the plus sign in the project and enter the spot title, production type, product description, length, rotation, copy ID, due date, start date, end date, and station.
  7. Add any restrictions, if necessary.
  8. Click Create to add the spot to the rotation.
  9. Repeat steps 6-8 to add more spots to the rotation if needed.
  10. Upload audio for each spot by clicking on the plus sign in the asset container and selecting Media.
  11. Upload the audio file and save the script for each spot.