Use Network Query

Integration with Counterpoint in Radio Workflow

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to download schedules and automatically post run times to various affiliate networks, such as United Stations, Westwood One, Key Networks, Skyview, Premiere, and many more, using the Counterpoint integration within Radio Workflow.

Accessing Network Query

  1. Sign in to your Radio Workflow account.
  2. Navigate to the "Traffic and Administration" section in the main left-side menu.
  3. Locate and click on the "Network Query" option under "Traffic and Administration". 

Running a Network Query Report

  1. Choose the desired week for the report by selecting it from the drop-down menu or entering the dates manually.
  2. Set the parameters by choosing the specific station you wish to generate the report for. If you wish to generate a report for all stations, leave this field empty or select "all stations."
  3. Click on the "Run Query" button. You will see results if it has been activated by the Affiliate Network.

Importing the Times

  1. Review the times from the Network Query Report.
  2. Click on the "Import" button to import the times into your Radio Workflow.

Troubleshooting Import Issues

  1. If you do not see any results for your station(s) in the Network Query Report, it is likely that the Affiliate Network has not activated agreements in their counterpoint system. If this is the case, reach out to the Radio Workflow support team for assistance in contacting the Affiliate Network to have agreements activated.
  2. Another possible reason for not seeing results is that you may not have entered your callsign correctly in the setup. To check this, go to "Settings" > "Media Outlets" and verify the callsign for each station.

Connect Networks Not Using Counterpoint

For Premiere and Sky Networks, which do not use the Counterpoint system, you will need to set them up in the "Integrations" section within the settings panel inside Radio Workflow.

Auto-assign Cart IDs and Avail Type restriction

You need to tell Radio Workflow which Cart ID range you wish to use for Network Spots, we also need to know what Avail Type restriction you would like on them (Assigning an avail type ensures that they are placed into the correct breaks on your log). To do this, go to the settings panel and under Media Outlets, edit each station by entering the Cart range and selecting the Avail Type restriction. You must ensure that the Cart ID range is not in use in your automation system, and it can not be the same range as Auto-assign.