Setup your Invoice Formats


You must be a Super User to modify Invoice Formats.

  1. Click on the Settings Icon (wrench) in the main side menu.

  2. Choose Invoicing, Payment, and Taxes from the dropdown menu.

    a) The first tab is Settings; Here you can fill out your account Information such as, bank info and organization. THIS INFO IS PRINTED ON YOUR INVOICES, so if you don’t want Clients to see this, do not enter values into these fields.
    b) In this area you can also link up your QuickBooks account and Paypal if you offer that as a form of payment.
    c) If you Scroll down you will see your Payment Terms templates as well as your Affidavit Templates and Notarization templates.

  3. The next tab over is your Invoice Types.

    a) Here you can click on the types of invoices you have and edit them. OR you can add the types of
    b) Invoices you want your stations to have.
    c) The Next Option is Payment Terms, this is where you add any Specific payment terms

  4. Next is tax type this is where you can add any specific tax information for billing

  5. Lastly is Billing Cycles. This is where you add in if it's a broadcast month or a calendar month.