How do User Roles work?

Each User you create in Radio Workflow can be set up with either Standard or Moderator privileges for each department. The departments are Traffic, Creative, Production, Multimedia and Dubbing. Each department in Radio Workflow has its own status, only users who have been assigned the Moderator status for the corresponding department can update the status for that department. It is important to note that a User can be a Moderator of one or more departments. Eg. A producer who not only produces the audio but dubs the audio into the on-air system can be assigned rights to the Production and Dubbing departments.

The status for the Traffic Department is either Scheduled or Not Scheduled, the status is set to Not Scheduled by default and can only be changed to Scheduled when each spot has been assigned a Cart ID. Obviously, there is an exception to this rule when the material is Live and does not require a Cart ID.

The status for the Creative department can also be found within a project, it can be changed at any time to a status that reflects the projects current status within the Creative department.

Each Spot or Programming Element is assigned a Status Level which reflects its current stage of production, only Production Moderators can update this status.

Finally, each Spot or Programming Element has a status for Dubbing, if a Spot or Programming Element has been dubbed into the on-air system for one or more of the stations selected, then a Dubbing Moderator can update this status.