Creative & Production

How do I submit a production order?

Select the plus sign in the top navigation bar and then choose Production, a fancy project wizard will then guide you through the rest of the process.

Who is allowed to submit production orders?

Any user in your organisation can submit submit Production.

When adding a spot I can not see a field to enter the Cart ID?

Only Radio Workflow users who have Traffic rights can modify the Cart ID. If you need to be able to enter a Cart ID contact the person who manages your workflow to be given the correct user role.

How do users download the finished spots?

When a spot is added into Radio Workflow some things are done in the background to make things just that little bit easier for you. We store files in multiple different formats and from the Project for each completed spot you have the option to download the audio file in MP3, WAV and OGG formats. It is important to note that Radio Workflow is smart, it knows who the Sales Person is for each bit of audio and will send them a copy of the completed spot via email automatically so they can run it past the client for approval.

Can Radio Workflow trim or modify a spot?

The short answer is yes. Radio Workflow can trim silence off the beginning and end of a spot when it is uploaded via Audio Box or downloaded from a third party delivery service such as DG Online and Adstream. As well as trim the audio we do some tests to make sure the audio is at a high standard ready for playback on air. Maintaining a high degree of quality is important and we help you police it.

So, Say I have 4 Car Dealers, can Radio Workflow assist with making sure the same voice isn’t used on each of them?

Absolutely, each Company in Radio Workflow is assigned a industry when the Company is created. When you add talent to a spot we check to make sure that the talent is not already used for a Company in the same industry. The best thing is, you don’t have to do anything exra to check, just add the talent and we will make sure it’s all good.

Who can upload media into Storage?

Any user can upload media into Storage.

Where do I go to use the automatic timing feature on a Script?

The script timing feature shows ups when you try to add a Script.