Set Multi-rate in a Contract

Setting Up Multi-Rates in Radio Workflow

This guide provides a step-by-step process on how to add multi-rates for different stations within a contract in Radio Workflow.


Before proceeding with the steps, ensure that:

  1. You have an active Radio Workflow account.
  2. You are logged in to Radio Workflow.
  3. You have a contract opened in the system.

Steps to Add Multi-Rates

Step 1: Access the Contract

  1. Locate the contract for which you want to set up multi-rates.
  2. Click on the contract to open it.

Step 2: Select the Stations

  1. In the traditional schedule section of your contract package, select the correct stations.

Step 3: Open Multi-Rate Settings

  1. Ensure the billing type is set to Rate/Volume Agreement
  2. Look for the music note icon located next to the rate input field in the schedule section of the package.
  3. Click on the music note icon to access the multi-rate settings.

Step 4: Input Rates for Each Station

  1. After clicking the music note icon, a list of all the stations will appear.
  2. Input the individual rates per station in the given fields.
  3. When you save the rates, you will notice that the system will change the rate field to a button labeled Unset. This indicates that the rate for each station has been set.