Generate a Live Avails Report

This guide will show you how to generate a Live Avails Report in Radio Workflow.


  1. To run a specific day part in the report, set up the day part in the settings section.
  2. Before generating the report, you must set up the default clock in the settings section.
  3. Go to the "Settings" option in the main menu. From there, click Media Outlets and open up the settings for each of the stations, when you do, scroll down to the bottom to select the default clock for each day.

Running the Report

  1. From the main menu go to the Traffic and Administration section, and select the Inventory option.
  2. Select the station and the desired dates of the report. Choose the “Day Part Summary” format and then click on “Run Report”.
  3. You can export the report and do whatever you need to with it from within the Query window.