Bulk Assign a Copy Rotation

How to Complete a Bulk Copy Assign to a Contract in Radio Workflow

1. Navigate to Media Query

  • Log in to Radio Workflow.
  • Go to the Media Query section by clicking on "Media Query" under Traffic and Administration in the menu.

2. Set Date Ranges and Run Report

  • Look at the date ranges for the report.
  • Adjust the date ranges if needed.
  • Click "Run Query" to generate the report for the specified date range.

3. Locate and Verify Package Lines

  • Identify the account with multiple package lines that need to have the same copy assigned.
  • Ensure that the copy should be the same for both package lines.

4. Assign Rotation or Add Rotation

  • Click on the desired package line to assign or add a rotation.
  • If a rotation is already present, select it.
  • If no rotation is present, click "Add Rotation".

5. Add a Spot

  • Click on "Add Spot" within the rotation.

6. Fill in the Spot Details

  • Complete the required fields:
    • Due date
    • Start date
    • End date
    • Stations the spot will be on
  • Click "Create" to save the spot details.

7. Open Contract

  • Click on the contract number to open the contract details.

8. Perform Bulk Copy Rotation Assignment

  • Click on "Bulk Copy Rotation Assignment" within the contract.
  • The system will now assign the copy to all package lines.