Merge Tags

In Design Builder for Proposals we have created the ability to include Merge Tags into your Design. Merge Tags allow you to customize the Design for each of your Accounts on the fly. The flow is simple, you create a Design once, and can then assign that Design to Proposals as you create them. When you send the Proposal to the client, we replace the Merge Tags with the correct values. Merge Tags can be included in both imported designs and designs built using our design builder.

[[CUSTOMER_NAME]]The name of the Account assigned to the Proposal.
[[PROPOSAL_DATE]]The date the Proposal was created.
[[PROPOSAL_ID]]The Proposal # you entered when creating the Proposal.
[[LOGO]]This tag is replaced with the Corporate Logo you uploaded.
[[PROPOSAL_DESCRIPTION]]The description you entered when you created the Proposal.
[[PROPOSAL_PRODUCT]]The Product description of the Product you selected when you created the Proposal.