Run your End-of-month Billing

Guide on Running End-of-Month Billing in Radio Workflow

1. Check Logs

  • Start from the Radio Workflow dashboard.
  • Ensure that your logs are reconciled through the dates you wish to bill. This is crucial to ensure accurate billing.

2. Reconcile Logs

  • Navigate to the 'Traffic' section.
  • Choose 'Logs' and then 'Daily Logs'.
  • Look for the 'Unreconciled' section to ensure that your logs for the billing period (e.g. month of May) are reconciled.
  • You may reconcile the logs yourself or with your air log.
  • Before proceeding, double-check everything is reconciled to ensure accurate billing.

3. Access Accounts Receivable

  • Go to the Accounts Receivable section, represented by the 'credit card' icon.
  • Choose 'Invoices'.

4. Generate Invoices

  • Click 'Get Invoices'.
  • Select desired parameters (e.g. all accounts, any contract, all reps, etc.).
  • Click 'Run Report'.
  • A report will be generated for each contract that should have been billed for the selected period.

5. Review and Correct Errors

  • Inspect the report.
  • Accounts with mistakes will be highlighted in red, while those without will be in white.
  • Correct any detected errors before proceeding.

6. Post Invoices

  • Once all errors are corrected, click 'Post Invoices' to make the invoices available for sending or printing.

7. Review Invoice Details

  • Go back to Accounts Receivable (credit card icon) and select 'Invoice Detail'.
  • Choose your desired report parameters (e.g. all accounts, specific rep, etc.).
  • Click 'Run Report' to view all relevant invoices.

8. Generate and Review Billing Report

  • Review the generated billing report, which includes gross, net, commissions, and billing cycles.
  • Make any necessary adjustments before finalizing.

9. Build and Send Batch

  • Once satisfied, click 'Build Batch'.
  • A PDF file comprising all invoices will be generated and sent to the logged-in email account.
  • Click 'Send Batch' to automatically email these invoices to the respective clients.
  • The status will change to 'Sent' once the emails are successfully sent.

Note: Ensure to monitor your email for the batch confirmation and PDF of invoices. This may take a few minutes to be received.

That's how you perform an end-of-month billing in Radio Workflow.