Repost an Invoice After a Contract Revision


Repost an Invoice after a Contract Revision

This guide provides a step-by-step process on how to repost an invoice after a contract revision in Radio Workflow. Follow the instructions below to ensure the task is completed correctly.


  • Make sure no payment has been assigned to the invoice you want to repost.

Step 1: Access Invoices

  1. Log in to your Radio Workflow account.
  2. Navigate to the "Invoices" tab in the main left menu bar.
  3. Click on "Get Invoices."

Step 2: Filter Invoices

  1. Find the "Filter" section in the "Get Invoices" page.
  2. Select the Contract that you want to modify in the filter section.
  3. Choose the appropriate month for which you want to repost the invoice.

Step 3: Update Invoices

  1. Locate the option to "Update Invoices Already Post" on the "Get Invoices" page.
  2. Select this option to enable updating invoices that have been previously posted.

Step 4: Double-check Contract Selection

  1. Verify that you have selected the right contract. This is a crucial step because if no contract or account is selected, it will update all invoices, which is not the desired outcome.
  2. Make sure the appropriate month is still selected as well.

Step 5: Run the Query and Post Invoices

  1. Run the query by clicking the "Run Query" button. This will display the invoice(s) that you want to modify.
  2. Review the result to make sure it accurately reflects the changes you want to apply.
  3. If you are satisfied with the result, click the "Post Invoices" button to repost the invoice with the updated information.

Final Remarks

By following these steps, you can successfully repost an invoice after a contract revision in Radio Workflow. Always ensure to double-check the contract and the month before running the query to avoid modifying the wrong invoices.