Add a Note to an Account

Adding Notes to Accounts in Radio Workflow

Follow these steps to add notes to your accounts in Radio Workflow:

1. Access Notes Section

  • Click on the plus sign located at the top of the Radio Workflow interface.

2. Select Note

  • From the menu, choose Note.

3. Choose Account

  • In the Note section, select the account you want to add a note to by clicking on the Account dropdown menu.

4. Enter Note Details

  • Type the content of your note in the Note field.

5. Tag Users (Optional)

  • If you want to tag specific users in the note, such as the account owner or sales manager, you can do so below the note field.
  • Start typing the user's name and select them from the list that appears.

6. Create Note

  • Click on the Create button to add the note to the selected account.

You have now successfully added a note to an account in Radio Workflow.