Use Auto News

Setting up Auto News in Radio Workflow

Adding RSS feeds

  1. Navigate to Online and Social Media on the main menu.
  2. Click on Feed Manager.
  3. Click on ADD feed to create a new feed.
  4. Copy the RSS feed URL for your local news and paste it in the URL field.
  5. Provide a description, such as "Local News."
  6. Enable the Auto Reader.
  7. Choose the AI voice (e.g., "Bella") to read the news.
  8. Click on Create to add the feed.

Follow the same steps to add another RSS feed.

Creating Auto News Compiler

  1. Go to Creative and Production in the main menu.
  2. Click on Auto News Compiler.
  3. Click on ADD compiler to create a new compiler.

Configuring the Compiler

  1. Give the compiler a description (e.g., "Local News, Sport, and Weather 5am").
  2. Choose the schedule for the compiler to run (e.g., "Every Day" at 4:50 AM).
  3. Configure the intro with merge tags (e.g., "Good morning, it's just after 5 AM and it's [TEMP:10001] degrees").
  4. Select the AI voice for the intro (e.g., "Bella").
  5. Choose the first feed (e.g., "Local News") and specify the number of stories (e.g., "2").
  6. Choose the second feed (e.g., "Sport") and specify the number of stories (e.g., "1").
  7. Provide an outro for the newscast (e.g., "And that's the latest news. Back in an hour").
  8. Select the AI voice for the outro (e.g., "Bella").
  9. (Optional) Configure the compiler to upload the newscast automatically to an external FTP server.
  10. Click on Create to finish setting up the compiler.

Running the Compiler Manually

  1. In the Auto News Compiler list, click on Run Job for the compiler you created.
  2. Go to the Auto News section to see the generated newscast.
  3. Click on the newscast to listen to it and verify the content.
  4. Download the newscast or have it automatically uploaded to your FTP server, depending on your configuration.