What is a Super User?

A Super User has access to the Radio Workflow Settings Menu, they have the rights to make core system changes such as adding, modifying and deleting Stations, Users and Markets/Firms (Plus lots more). Here are some important things you should know!

  1. The first user added to your workflow will be a Super User for the organization (usually the person who signs up for a trial account). You can then add/remove Super Users as you see fit.

  2. You can have as many Super Users as you like, when you create a User you can give them the rights, obviously, you can remove them as well.

  3. No User without Super User access will be able to access the Settings Menu.

  4. Super Users do not have access to update project status levels unless they are given the appropriate roles for each department.

If you are still unsure and require more assistance, please contact our 24/7 Toll Free Support Line in your country, we would love to help.