Set Up Invoicing in Radio Workflow

How to Set Up Invoicing in Radio Workflow

This guide provides a step-by-step process on setting up invoices within Radio Workflow. You will be shown how to configure all necessary details, including bank account details, organization details, invoice prefix, currency symbol, payment integrations, templates, and more.


  • You must have super user access in Radio Workflow. If you don't have it, contact someone within your organization with super user access or reach out to Radio Workflow support.

1. Access the Settings Menu

  • Click on the Settings icon in Radio Workflow.
  • Select "Invoicing, Payments, and Taxes" from the drop-down menu.

2. Configure Bank Account and Organization Details

  • Enter your bank account details if you want them to appear on your invoices.
  • Choose your organization type (e.g., EIN) and enter your organization number (e.g., ABN/EIN number).

3. Set Invoice Preferences

  • Customize your invoice title.
  • Set an invoice prefix (default is "INV").
  • Choose your next invoice number, especially if you're migrating from another system.
  • Set your currency symbol based on your preferred currency.

4. Integrate with Payment Services (Optional)

  • Connect to QuickBooks Online if you use it.
  • Set up your public and private key for Stripe integration.
  • Connect to PayPal if you prefer to take payments through it.

5. Set Up Affidavit, Notarization, and Email Templates

  • Customize the content of the template as needed, such as inserting a signature or an image.
  • Insert merge tags, such as "{Invoice_Date}" to automatically populate data.

6. Configure Payment Terms

  • Add your preferred payment terms (e.g., "On Receipt" or "7 Days").

7. Set Up Invoice Types

  • Choose the invoice types available within the system.
  • Customize the format and settings for each type.
  • Select whether to apply the Affidavit Template or Notarization Template for each invoice type.

8. Add Tax Types (Optional)

  • Set up any tax types or fees that you want to apply to your invoices.

9. Set Billing Cycles

  • Choose your preferred billing cycles (e.g., broadcast month, calendar month).

Once you have completed these steps, your invoicing will be set up in Radio Workflow. If you have any questions or need assistance, reach out to Radio Workflow support using the support icon within the platform.