Reconcile your Logs

Reconciling Logs Inside Radio Workflow


Before reconciling your logs in the radio workflow, ensure that you have set up Workstation. If you have not set up your workstation, refer to the guide on "How to Export Your Log Each Day."

Step-by-Step Guide

Follow the steps below to complete the process:

Step 1: Set up the Automation Log Location

  • After setting up your workstation, the next step is to set your automation log location. Note that the location should be set to the location where your automation system places it's air logs.

Step 2: Import Logs

  • Once the automation log location has been set, import your logs from the automation system.
  • Following the import, you'll notice the Reconciliation column displays the current state of your imported logs.

Step 3: Understand Reconciliation Statuses

  • The reconciliation status may display "No Air Log", "# Left to Reconcile", and "Needs Posting".
  • These statuses will alter once you open the log in the reconciliation window.

Step 4: Open the Reconciliation Window

  • Open you open your log in the reconciliation window, the automatic reconciliation engine willrun on its own.
  • In some instances, there might be log events that did not air. If any event appears on the left-hand side, note that they are not linked to any existing spot.

Step 5: Deal with Unreconciled Items

  • You will see a tab labeled "Unreconciled Items." Here, you will need to manage the particular spots by clicking on each and selecting one of the following options: Bump Spot, Scratch Spot, or Bill as Scheduled.

Step 6: Understand the Reconciliation Window

  • In the reconciliation window, you can switch between "Unreconciled Items" and "Reconciled Items".
  • You will find details such as Scheduled Time, Actual Time, Card ID, and Actual Card ID in this window.
  • If you manually link any automation events, the Actual Card ID may vary from the Card ID.

Step 7: View the On-Air Log

  • To view the on-air log, click on the corresponding tab.

Step 8: Bump Multiple Events

  • If you want to bump multiple events simultaneously, select them by dragging the mouse over them.

Step 9: Post to AR

  • Once the log is ready, click on the "Post to AR" button to post it.

Step 10: Reach Out for Support

  • If you encounter any issues or have any queries, feel free to contact Radio Workflow Support for assistance.

Remember, any items left in the window will still bill a client unless they are physically removed from the window. This is useful when dealing with live spots that may not necessarily link up with log events.