Prospector is a very new and innovative idea from Radio Workflow that allows you to search social media for new business. With Prospector you can build a database of potential clients for your sales team really quickly, they can then use our telemarketing dashboard to phone and/or email the prospective clients.

Here's how you can get selling straight away, even if you don't have any prospects yet.

  1. Navigate to Prospector

  2. In the search box, enter a search term, our system will then search social media to find businesses matching your search term. An example search may be something like "Hotels in New York"

  3. Once we have finished searching, you will then be given the chance to save the results into your Prospect Pool.

  4. Once you have saved your search into the Prospect Pool, navigate to the Telemarketing dashboard to start reaching out to these businesses.

It is important to note, your workflow includes a browser phone and also the option to email the prospects directly from the telemarketing dashboard. Further, your workflow can be set up to automatically record your phone call to the prospect and save it to the prospect company file.