Apply a Credit Note to an Invoice

If your Client overpays or you add a prepayment, then a Credit Note is created for that Client. You must apply the credit to an Invoice once it has been Posted. Here is a video that guides you through this process. Included below the video, is an additional step by step guide.

  1. Go to Accounts Receivables on the side menu bar (look for the credit card icon).

  2. Click on Credit Note.

  3. Then Click Run Report.

  4. Then scroll down to and find the client you would like to apply a credit to.

  5. Click Apply Credit.

  6. Then Click on the Invoice you would like to apply it to. Then click save.

You can also apply a credit from one account to another, a good example would be if you are working with an agency and they sent a split payment. To do that click on Transfer Credit, then enter in the account you would like to transfer it too, then amount to be transferred.