Create your Clocks (log Templates)

Setting Up Clocks in Radio Workflow


This guide will take you through how to set up clocks inside Radio Workflow. Clocks require a few different things to be set up first, so we will show you how to set those up before we build a clock.

Setting Up Avail

In Radio Workflow, an Avail Type represents a category or "bucket" that can contain any number of Spot Types. This categorization is used to determine which spots from a contract can go where in your clock. When you create a contract, you can select a Spot Type. These Spot Types represent different types of ads, such as a 30-second spot or a sponsor message.

When you create a clock, you can select an Avail Type for each hour or time slot. Each Avail Type is associated with a specific set of Spot Types. This determines which Spot Types can be scheduled in each time slot of your clock. For example, you might have an Avail Type called "Weather" that is associated with Spot Types for your weather sponsorships, while another Avail Type called "Commercials" might be associated with Spot Types for longer sponsor messages or ads.

  1. Go to the Settings panel and navigate to the "Traffic & Administration" section.
  2. Look for the option "Avail Types" and click on it.
  3. Click on "+ Add" to create a new avail type.
  4. Enter a description for your avail (e.g., "Regular Avail").
  5. Choose Revenue Types for your avail. In this example, we'll choose both "Cash" and "Trade."
  6. Choose the allowed Spot Types for your avail (e.g., "Spot").
  7. Save your new avail by clicking "Create."

Creating a New Clock

  1. Go back to the "Traffic Administration" section in Radio Workflow.
  2. Click on "Clocks" to open the clocks page.
  3. Click on "New Clock" to create a new clock.
  4. Enter a description for your clock.
  5. Select the station for which you want to create the clock.
  6. Choose the clock type (e.g., "Daily").
  7. Set the days of the week on which the clock will run (e.g., Monday through Friday).
  8. Click "Create" to save your new clock.

Adding Elements to Your Clock

  1. Open the clock you just created by clicking on it.
  2. Add a "Spot Break" element to your clock.
    • Enter the time the break will air in 24-hour time (e.g. 00:00:00 for midnight).
    • Set TTR "Times To Run" (e.g., 72 for repeating one break every 20 minutes throughout the entire day).
    • Set "Interval" (e.g., 20 minutes).
    • Set "Max Length" (e.g., 4 minutes).
    • Set "Spot Durations Allowed" (e.g., 15, 30, and 60 seconds).
    • Set "Priority" (e.g., 0).
    • Set "Max # Units" (e.g., 5).
    • Select your avail type for each unit (e.g., "Regular Commercial").
    • Add any needed automation commands.
  3. Add an "Automation Command" element to your clock.
    • Set a time for the command to run.
    • Enter the command description (e.g., "Stop Set").
    • Enter the cart number (e.g., 555).
  4. Add a "Program" element to your clock.
    • Select the program you want to add (e.g., "Overnights").
    • Set any needed TTR, intervals, or cart numbers.
  5. Add an "Announcement" element to your clock.
    • Set a time for the announcement to run (e.g., just before the top of the hour).
    • Select the announcement type (e.g., "Promo") and enter the cart number if needed (e.g., 123).
  6. Save your clock by clicking "Save."

Using Your Clock in Daily Logs

  1. Go to the "Daily Logs" section in Radio Workflow.
  2. Click on "New Log" to create a new log.
  3. Select your clock from the list (e.g., "Weekday Clock").

If you have any questions or need help, feel free to use the support button in the Radio Workflow interface.