Training Schedule

Congratulations to you and your team for choosing to switch to the world's first and only web-based radio traffic platform. To help you get started, we would like to offer you four free training sessions with us, one for each department. We have outlined the Training Schedule we use below.

You can schedule these sessions at a time that suits you here:


Setting up your Avail Types, Spot Types, Programs, and Day Parts
How to build your Clocks
How to Input Contracts
Using Media Query to assign copy rotations to your Contracts
How to use the Log Editor
How to build your Log each day
How to create and inject a Mini Clock


Walkthrough of the Production Dashboard
How to enter a Project (Production Order)
What are Work Queues
How to use Spot Library
Update the Status of a Spot
Update the Status of a Project
Assigning a Team to your Project
What is a Traffic Order
What is a Creative Order
How to view the Timeline
What is the Asset Container and how to open it


Start by Watching the Sales Getting Started Video
Understanding the Dashboard
How to Input Contracts
How to create a Proposal
How to use Design Builder
How to use Prospector/ Prospects
How to use Sales Activity
How to view your Projections
How to run Forecast Reports
How to add a Lead
How to add a Contact
How to add a Prospect
How to add an Account
How to complete a Client Discovery
What is a Pending?
How to email Run Times
Available Reports


How to post your Invoices
Export Invoices to QuickBooks
How to add a Payment
Apply a Credit Note to an Invoice
How to edit an Invoice
Setup your Invoice Formats
Send Invoices via
How to run an Aging Report
How to enter an Adjustment
Setup your Payment Gateway