An Introduction to the Dashboard

Radio Workflow Dashboard Guide

This guide provides a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to navigate and utilize the Radio Workflow dashboard.

1. Understand Terminology Definitions

  • Account vs Prospect: A prospect is an account that does not have a salesperson assigned to it.
  • People: This term is used to describe three types of people in the system - contact, lead, and listener. A contact refers to a person with an account assigned to them, while a lead does not have an account assigned.
  • Proposal vs Contract: A proposal presents multiple options for a client, while a contract is more rigid and outlines the specific terms and conditions.

2. Review Projections for the Current Month

  • Click on the bars in the Projections box to see a list of clients on air that month.
  • Click on a specific client name to be taken to their account page.

3. Check Today's Information

  • In the Today box, review the following information:

    • Schedule activity.
    • Account list quotas.
    • Past due invoices.
    • Overdue tasks.
    • Spots ending within three days.
    • Contracts ending within the next 30 days.
  • Schedule activity using the Schedule Activity option.

  • Create a task for yourself or a team member using the Create Task option.

4. Look Up Accounts

  • Use the Account Lookup feature to search for specific accounts if you're a salesperson that only has access to their own list.

5. Review Report Card

  • Check your close rate, the number of clients on air, and the number of clients off air.
  • Review the list of proposals sent and contracts signed for the current month.

6. Review Completed Events, Emails, and Notes

  • Keep track of the last five events completed in the system.
  • Access recent emails sent to clients by clicking the "See Email" button.
  • Review recent notes added to accounts by clicking the "+" sign and selecting "Note."

7. Monitor Top Accounts

  • View your top client list and adjust the range using the drop-down menu.

8. Analyze Activities Chart

  • Assess the relationship between your activities and your progress toward your budget.

9. Assess Future Projections

  • Review projections for the next six months and compare them with your budget and the previous year's data.

10. Evaluate Non-Returning and Growing Accounts

  • Analyze non-returning and growing accounts using the charts provided.
  • Click on the "List Form" button to print out the non-returning chart in list form.

11. Monitor Proposals and Tasks

  • Keep track of proposals and tasks moving through their respective funnels.

For additional support or questions, feel free to reach out to Radio Workflow.