Manage Revised Contracts on the Log

How to Manage Contract Revisions on the Log

This guide provides a detailed, step-by-step process for handling contract revisions in Radio Workflow, including incorporating revised contracts into existing logs and managing placement errors.

Accessing Daily Logs

  1. To begin, open Radio Workflow and navigate to the Traffic & Administration section.
  2. Click on Daily Logs to display the list of logs.

Handling Revised Contracts

  1. Locate the log containing the contract revision. For this example, we will assume that the log is already completed and has no errors or bumps initially.

  2. In the Log Errors section, check for any revised contracts. For this example, let's assume that the "Coastal Digital Solutions" contract has been revised.

  3. To incorporate the revised contract into the existing log, follow these steps:

    • On the left side of the screen, click on Revised.
    • Click on the corresponding line for the revised contract.
    • A prompt will appear, stating that the contract will be rerun through the placement engine, factoring in the latest revision. Spot positions may be lost. Click OK to confirm.
  4. The revised contract will now be injected into the existing log. As a result, there may be additional bump errors. To resolve these errors, click on Place Bumps.

  5. Some manual replacements may be required. Verify that the contract is no longer in the Revised section.

Check Unfullfilled Warnings

As a final safety measure, it is recommended you click on the Unfulfilled Warnings tab to check the results. This section will compare that what is scheduled on the log matches the Contract.