How to post your Invoices

You must Post Invoices for your Client to be billed for Spots that have run during the month. Here is a video that guides you through this process. Included below the video, is an additional step by step guide.

  1. Make sure logs are reconciled. Logs that have not been reconciled or posted to Accounts Receivable without reconciliation will not be billed to your client. This is something your Traffic department should be doing daily.

  2. Go to Accounts Receivable in the main side Menu bar (Look for the credit card icon).

  3. Click invoices.

  4. Click the Get Invoices button - this allows you to generate invoices without posting them.

  5. Choose any Filters you wish to apply.

  6. Click on Run Report.

  7. You can now double check the report and make sure everything is correct, such as the due date, billing cycle and agency commission.

  8. Once everything has been doubled checked, click Post invoices.

  9. Once invoices have been posted, you will see them appear under Drafts in Invoices and on the Invoice Detail report, ready for you to send to your Client.