An Introduction to Contracts

Once a Proposal has progressed through your sales pipeline, it will be converted into a Contract. Our Contracts module enables you to build Contracts that are based on a Rate/Volume agreement or a Package, or both. You can also define a Billing Cycle, and then send the Contract to your client for signing.

Account: The Account that this particular Contract is associated with.

Description: A brief description about the Contract. For example, if you have a client running some ads, you may enter something like "Summer shoe sale".

Contract #: This is usually a unique number for each separate Contract, you can have our system track Contract numbers for you and assign a unique number by clicking the auto-generate link just above this field.

Type: A Contract can have either Trade or Cash set as the Contract Type.

Tax Rate: This will automatically prefill with whatever tax options you have set in the Customize menu under Invoicing. We give the option to edit this at a Contract level, so in the event there is an exception and you need to override the default rate, you can do so.

Product: What product the client will be purchasing, this may be something like Sponsorship if they are sponsoring a show. We have some default options for you that we add when you sign up, you can edit a default Products in the Customize menu under Business->Products.

Status: This the current stage of the Contract, for example, if it is only a draft and not ready to send to your client, the most appropriate status would be Draft.

Your client will have the ability to sign the Contract electronically within the browser itself, or download a copy of the Contract, enabling them to sign a hard copy and email it back to you. If they choose to sign the Contract online electronically, then a signed copy of the Contract will be emailed to them and saved as a PDF document within the Contract.