Once you have created a Clock, you will need to assign Clock Events to it, which will then enable it to work with our Traffic engine. Clock Events can be of 5 different event types, which are Avail Blocks, Programs, Announcements, Comments or Automation Commands. Our Traffic engine treats each type differently, so it is important you add the correct type of event.



POST, PUT & DELETE methods require an additional scope to be granted, more information on the edit-logs scope can be found in the scope documentation.


A warning about event types.

Not all event types are supported by all automation systems, when an event type is not supported by the users automation system, we simply drop that event when creating the users log.

The Event Object

clockIdintA valid coreId from a Clock Object.
coreIdintPrimary ID for the event.
timestringTime of the Log Event in 24 hour time. eg 23:55:30
lengthintThe length of the event in seconds. eg 00:03:00 is 3 minutes.
availTypestring0 if eventType is not 1, if 1 then a valid coreId from an availType object.
programTypeint0 if eventType is not 2, if 2 then a valid coreId from an programType object.
commentstringNULL if eventType is not 3, if 3 then a comment.
announcementTypeint0 if eventType is not 4, if 4 then a valid coreId from an annoucementType object.
priorityint0 - 255
requiredint1 if fill is required, 2 if it isn't
sourceint1 if local event, 2 if it's a network event.
eventTypeint1 for avail, 2 for program, 3 for comment, 4 for announcement or 5 for an automation command.
allowedUnitsintAn int representing the amount of allowed units we can use when filling this event.
allowedLengthsarrayAn array of int representing the allowed lengths we can use when filling this event.
timesToRunintAn int indicating how many times the event repeats based on the timeInterval
timeIntervalstringHow many hour, minutes and seconds the repeated events are seprated by.
commandstringNULL if eventType is not 5, if 5 then a description for your automation command.
cartIdstringNULL if eventType is not 5, if 5 then a Cart ID for the automation command.

  "clockId": 17,
  "coreId": 456,
  "time": "23:55:30",
  "timeInterval": "01:30:00",
  "timesToRun": 3,
  "comment": "SPOT BLOCK(3:00)",
  "command": "",
  "cartId": "",
  "length": "00:03:00",
  "availType": 0,
  "programType": 0,
  "announcementType": 0,
  "priority": 233,
  "required": 2,
  "source": 1,
  "eventType": 2,
  "allowedUnits": 2,
  "allowedLengths": [