This API is an exception to the access_token requirement as it is not linked to an Instance. However, a Basic Authorization header containing your PartnerKey as well as your PartnerSecret is required. Refer to Client side here for more information on how to construct a Basic Authorization header


Our Media endpoint for the Dispatch API allows you to send media files, such as audio for a spot to any radio station in the world with ease. A simple API call with the media file, the station and the country will get your audio sent to the right person. If the radio station is a client of Radio Workflow, it will be ingested into their Radio Workflow instance, if they are not, we will let them know via email about the delivery and allow them to download the media.


Third-party agencies that use the AAAA Standard, can submit Orders directly to this API. More information about this standard can be found on the RAB website here. Radio Workflow currently supports versions and of this standard. If you use a different version or you have made modifications to this standard and would like us to support it, please contact us.