Clocks are part of our native Traffic platform and allow you to define where your spot breaks, programs and announcements will appear throughout the day. Clocks can be locked to certain days of the week and you can have as many as you like. You should first create a Clock through this endpoint and then assign Clock Events to the Clock. Our traffic engine will then attempt to fill in the Events with actual ordered spots when a log is created and assigned a Clock.



POST, PUT & DELETE methods require an additional scope to be granted, more information on the edit-logs scope can be found in the scope documentation.

Clock Object

descriptionstringGeneral description
stationsarrayAn array of valid stationId(s) from a station object
weekdaysarrayAn array of weekdays this log is available for. 1 Mon, 2 Tues, 3 Wed, 4 Thurs, 5 Fri, 6 Sat, 0 Sun
typeint0 for long running template, 1 for a specific day.
datestringThe specific day. Only used if type is 1, this is a date object formatted YYYY-MM-DD.
  "description":"My log template",