How to build your Clocks

Once all your Types, Competitive Codes, and Programs are in it’s time to build your clocks.

Go to Traffic & Administration in the main side menu.

Click on Clocks.

Adding your Clock

  1. Click on +ADD CLOCK

  2. Next, you will have to fill out your clock information, then click Create.

Adding a Break

Start by clicking on Spot Break.


This is where you fill out the time you want the break to appear in the Clock, how many times it repeats (TTR), how long the break is, the allowed lengths, the break Priority, Number of units per break, and the Avail Types you want in the break. Don’t forget the click save!

The next tab is Command. This is where you can add the automation command.

Program is the next tab. This is where you tell the clock any program that your station runs (Such as News & Weather). You also need to add in the time the program runs and the length of the program.

Next is Announcements. This is where you add in any special announcements you want built into your clock such as an hourly promo that never changes.

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How to build your Clocks

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