December 2018

December 2018 Change Log.


We have laid the foundation for our publicly accessible API! Anyone who wishes to build on top of the Radio Workflow platform, can now do so. We expect that this will help drive more innovation in how radio stations manage their workflow.

Coming Soon

We have been working on a new Analytics platform for Creative & Production! This will soon be moving into controlled production. We expect it to be released around Feb 2019.


  • added: New API Reference and User Documentation
  • added: OAuth Flow for Partner API's
  • added: Tags to Accounts to allow for further segregation when filtering
  • added: New Dub API for automation systems and audio import utilities
  • added: On Air/Off Air & Close Rate statistics to the Dashboard
  • added: Proposals sent during the anchor month now appear on the Dashboard
  • added: Contracts signed during the anchor month now appear on the Dashboard
  • improved: User Budgets can now be defined per Market, instead of just per Station
  • added: Option to turn off Traffic Integration based on Contract Product type
  • added: Markets endpoint to API Reference
  • added: New Partner Portal, users can now manage their partner account.
  • added: Option to turn off Contract Approvals
  • added: New Missing API for Spots with unresolved copy
  • added: New Avail Type API
  • added: Additional 30 Endpoints to Partner API